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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The September Issue

I saw The September Issue yesterday with one of my fashionista friends. What an interesting glimpse into the real "devil" who wears Prada--Anna Wintour--and the real "Mode Magazine"--Vogue.

I'm always fascinated by high-powered women. AW came across as warmer than her movie counterpart, which was interesting. But the power both the fictional and non-fictional women wield is real. The rise of Thakoon (In Style just did a spread on power dressing, profiling Mrs. O, and she was wearing one of his dresses...) which is shown in the movie is a case in point.

But last night I had a nightmare about a photo shoot for which I was responsible and the shoot got completely out of hand with the director taking over and creating ideas that hadn't been discussed with the client beforehand. Thinking back on it, I realize the dream was inspired by the movie--and my former career as writer/producer in advertising.

The section in the film relating to the cover of the September issue really hit my emotional buttons. Especially when Anna, doing her review of the photographers pictures, isn't satisfied with what he shot and wants to know where the rest of it is. There are no photographs from one of the key locations. Turns out the photographer wasn't pleased with anything he got there and didn't keep any to send. I just about fell out of my seat. I can't imagine being the agency producer and having a photographer make that decision. Hence my nightmare.

I haven't mentioned Grace Coddington, the genius stylist behind so much of the amazing photography in Vogue. She occupied much of the movie and provided a tension point, as she and Anna didn't always agree, and Anna had the final say on Grace's work. That, too, felt like advertising, where you can work your butt off only to have the account guy or the client reject it often for no explicable reason.

Anyway--cool movie. All you style gurus and advocates for women in business should see it.

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