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Friday, December 18, 2009

Queen of Denial

Read a story about the musical "Memphis" in the NY Times today.

It was mostly about how the story changed over time while in its pre-Broadway tryouts. In one version the lead character was beat up. In another he died. But what never changed was the actor playing the lead. Never a household name, Chad Kimball has been playing this part since the show originated in Boston. But while the show was being fine tuned (and, I assume being financed) it wasn't a steady gig. In between bouts, Kimball did 2 other shows that were flops and that shook his confidence. He also suffered through rumors about the producers replacing him with a "star." By that time he was in L.A. and was so upset he almost thew up.

I feel ya, man.

Doesn't take nearly that much to shake my confidence.

His story has a happy ending, though. The show opened on Broadway to pretty good reviews, and his reviews especially were great. I saw him perform on The View yesterday.

Plunging into the creative world, whether it's performing or writing is a tough journey. Holding onto your faith in yourself isn't easy. Especially if you don't have instant success. I know people in the music business who came to Nashville to make it big and never did. Some of them left, but many stayed, and are still plugging away at it, doing gigs for little or no money. I wonder how they hold on for so long.

I wonder how long I'll hold on.

Did I mention One Deadly Sin was nominated for a 2009 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award?

Pretty cool, huh?

Some days it's not cool enough.

Some days it feels as if nothing will be cool enough.

Well, here's to you, Chad Kimball. May your road be a little smoother now.


And as long as I'm talking about confidence and road-smoothing, I want to give a woohoo to my friend, Marie-Nicole Ryan, whose recent release, Seducing the Sherri ff, is on the Samhain Top Ten Best Sellers List. Way to go, MN!!

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Blogger Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

Your blog touches all of us in the creative arts, although some might wonder how much art and creativity go into writing an erotic romance. Still, most of us just keep doing what we're doing because it's what we're meant to do.

And if we give up, then we'll never know if we have what it takes for great success or even minor success. We create new characters and new worlds because that's how our brains work, and we'd probably have to go on medication if we didn't fulfill our dreams. That's not to say some of us aren't already on medication. LOL!

Thanks for the Woo Hoo. I'm pretty stoked. Today I'm at number 3 and never been quite so high before. What I do know is my December royalties should be pretty nice. And I like getting paid, don't get me wrong. And it makes my editor very happy, too.

December 18, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

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