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Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Be or Not To Be

Life has settled down a bit. At least enough for me to have a moment to catch my breath. My Internet service is finally back--I couldn't believe how hampered I felt without it. Hopefully all the bugs are out and connections will continue uninterrupted.


But at least I'm plugged in now.

On the book front, Two Lethal Lies has finally been given the editorial okay. The cover copy is done and the cover looks quite splendid, in my humble opinion. Now the only thing left is the rest of my life. Will it be more romantic suspense or something of a new and different variety?

That, dear reader, is the trillion dollar question to which I have no answer yet. I feel a bit like the cowardly lion--I need the wizard to give me some courage so I can jump off the cliff into Who Knows What Land.

My horoscope promises great things this year. But is it because I stick to what I know or strike out in a whole new direction?

Hamlet has nothing on me.

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