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Saturday, April 24, 2010

News of the Year

Maybe you thought I'd won a Pulitzer? Got down to a size 2? Sorry, folks, but this news isn't about me.

It's about my all-time favorite under-employed actor crush.

Yup, that's right. Ben. Ben Brower.

The 411 is he's doing a pilot for the CW, a "dramedy" called Hellcats. The show is about (wait for it) college competitive cheerleading...! And no, Ben won't be appearing in one of those tiny dresses. He's playing Lancer University's football coach, Red Irvine, who also happens to have backstory with the cheerleading coach. Seems they had an affair while he was still married and after he left his wife for her, she dumped him. Now, he's looking for payback and trying to get her fired. He's described as "a handsome rogue who never lost the boyishness of youth." Can't think of a more perfect part for Ben.

The show is on CW so of course the young women on the team are the leads. My fingers are crossed that the two coaches will get some good air time, though.

Hopefully, the show will be picked up. And if it does get picked up that they'll keep Ben in the cast. It would be great to see him working again.

Give me a B! Give me an E! Give me an N!

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